Microsoft teases new-super affordable Lumia

Think we’ve had enough Lumias in the mid-low end of the smartphone market? With the Lumia 435, 535, 532, 630, 635, 638, 640, 640 XL, 730, 735 and 830 some would say we have more than enough.

Microsoft clearly doesn’t. On the Lumia conversations blog and official  twitter account the firm has posted a teaser for a new super-affordable Lumia device at 8AM UK time.

Of course, this could simply be the Lumia 532 being launched in the UK to replace the 530.  it could also be some new lower-end device or perhaps just a spec bump to one of the already very many affordable Lumia devices. Or it may not even be a device at all and  may just be a documentary?
Tune in at 8am GMT tomorrow and place your bets