Microsoft Teams will soon work better on PCs that are low on RAM



COVID-19 pandemic has forced pretty much every working professional to work from home, and this caused a rise in the usage share of popular communication tools such as Microsoft Teams. Teams is currently one of the most popular communication tools, but it’s one of the most RAM consuming applications, meaning that those using a low-end PC may face some difficulty to run other applications side by side. The good news is that Microsoft has started working towards fixing this issue.

On Microsoft Teams UserVoice page, the software giant has informed that it’s currently working towards making Teams a less RAM consuming application. This is one of the most requested features on the Teams UserVoice page. A less RAM consuming application will behave better in a low memory situation. Also, since it’s taking less space, users will be able to run multiple other applications with ease.

Microsoft Teams usually takes 350-500 MB of space in your PC, and this is much higher than the other popular communication tools. This will improve in the coming days, but we don’t know to what degree it will improve as Microsoft has shared no further details about the upcoming feature.

Meanwhile, you can read more about Microsoft Teams here.

If you’re using Teams., let us know how much space Teams is taking in your PC? Let us know down in the comments.

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