Microsoft’s plan to bring Kaizala features to Microsoft Teams has been delayed


2, 2020

Microsoft Teams Kaizala

Back in April, Microsoft first announced that it will be bringing Kaizala Pro capabilities to Teams over the next 12-18 months. Later in June 2019, Microsoft announced the transition plan. Microsoft’s plan was to replace the Kaizala service with Microsoft Teams by the end of 2020. Microsoft also announced that it will Kaizala Actions as built-in apps in Teams, such as checklist, training, and quiz.

Microsoft today announced that this transition plan has been delayed due to the current COVID-19 situation around the world.

 In light of this year‘s sudden shift to remote work, we pivoted resources to respond to the exponential increase in Microsoft Teams usage, and supporting customers in maintaining continuity during this unprecedented and challenging time. As a result, our efforts to bring Kaizala features to Teams have been delayed.

Also, Microsoft is no longer selling Kaizala Pro as a standalone service. Kaizala will continue to be accessible as part of the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans. Current Kaizala customers can continue using the app and Microsoft will continue to support and update until it is integrated into Microsoft Teams. Right now, Microsoft is making changes to its transition plan and will provide an update in the coming months.

Source: Microsoft

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