Microsoft Kaizala to become a part of the Microsoft Teams offerings


4, 2019

Microsoft is planning to bring Microsoft Kaizala in the Microsoft Teams, a collaboration tool like Slack. Going forward, Microsoft Kaizala services will be one of the offerings in the Microsoft Teams.

This raises one important question. Is Microsoft Kaizala dead? Well, at this moment there’s no word whether Microsoft has planned to kill Kaizala as a standalone service.

The Kaizala integration, however, won’t happen overnight, Microsoft said that the integration to roll out in a phased manner.

“we will be bringing Kaizala capabilities into Microsoft Teams as an integrated offering. We expect the integration to happen in phases over the next 12-18 months, and we will provide more details about the Kaizala and Teams integration roadmap later this quarter,” said Microsoft officials in a blog post.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will continue to add new features to its Kaizala app.

Via: ZDNet

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