Microsoft Teams is not a competitor, says Slack CEO


1, 2020

Microsoft Teams almost doubled its number of active users from 44 million to 75 million in the course of just two months. The jump was so impressive that Microsoft mentioned its Teams business dozens of times during its post-earnings conference call. And despite the huge surge in the number of daily active users, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield told CNBC that Microsoft Teams is “not as a competitor.”

Butterfield said anyone assuming Microsoft will “kill” Slack is a “puzzling” proposition.”

In late March, Slack’s concurrent users hit 12.5 million, but we don’t know anything about the current scenario that is the number of daily active users as the company didn’t provide the number. According to SimilarWeb, Microsoft Teams website witnessed 187 million visits in March vs. 134 million visits to

“The work-from-home phenomena as the result of the coronavirus may have accelerated the digital transformation and adoption of software for business productivity,” the Slack CEO said.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’d know that CEO Stewart Butterfield recently announced Microsoft Teams integration that will let Slack users make Microsoft Teams calls from Slack. Slack also announced additional VOIP phone integrations with Zoom, Cisco Jabber, RingCentral, and Dialpad. With this new integration, you can make calls to actual phone numbers directly from within Slack.

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