Microsoft Teams will soon let you delete private chat threads

by Rahul
June 2, 2021
Microsoft Teams

Ever since the spread of the COVID-19, Microsoft has been adding new features to Microsoft Teams at a rapid pace so that users can work from home with ease. One of the features that Microsoft has just planned to add to its collaboration tool is the ability to delete private chat threads.

On the Teams UserVoice page, Microsoft informed that it’s already planned the design for the feature and that it’ll soon start to work on the development of the feature. However, the company didn’t share the timeline about when the ability to delete private chat threads will be available for everyone.

Currently, Microsoft Teams lets users hide and mute their private chat threads. It also lets users delete their messages anywhere in Teams. But now that Microsoft has already started to develop the ability to delete private chat threads, users will be able to completely delete private chat threads.

Moreover, Microsoft is currently working on a lot of new features for Teams to help both teachers and students. The company is currently working on a feature that will let students privately message teachers but not each other. Also, the company recently rolled out the ability to download a list of users who attended a meeting, thus helping teachers keeping an eye on students’ attendance reports.

Meanwhile, you can track all the latest developments regarding Microsoft Teams here.

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