Microsoft Teams is currently one of the most used communication tools, the reason being the fact that it’s a number of useful features that make it easier for you to communicate with your colleagues. The other reason behind Teams’ growing popularity is that Microsoft is adding useful new features almost every other day. The company recently added some useful features for those using Teams’ free version.

Calendar view and the ability to schedule meetings ahead of time are now available for every Teams user, meaning those who are using the Teams free version can now use these features. On the Microsoft Teams UserVoice page, Microsoft informed that “….Agenda view within the Meetings app has rolled out to 100% of users! You can now schedule meetings ahead of time and see all of your meetings in a scheduled view from your Meetings app!”

Microsoft Teams UserVoice page

However, Teams mobile apps currently let you view your calendar for the current week, meaning that you can’t see your calendar events beyond the current week. But this will change soon as Microsoft is working on Support for full calendar view for mobile apps.

Meanwhile, those using Microsoft Teams free version on a desktop can use the Calendar view feature and can also schedule meetings. You can see the step by step guide on how to use these features by clicking here.