Microsoft and Tanla announce the launch of Wisely, a blockchain-enabled communications platform-as-a-service



Microsoft Tanla platforms

Microsoft and Tanla Platforms announced yesterday the launch of Wisely, a blockchain-enabled communications platform-as-a-service. Wisely is built on Azure cloud platform and Microsoft is the development partner who architected and built this platform for Tanla.

The Wisely network makes use of several Azure services including Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Databricks, and Azure PostgresSQL Database. Tanla has also signed co-sell agreement with Microsoft for Wisely.

The Wisely marketplace is built for digital commerce, and enterprises can discover and collaborate with suppliers for their evolving communication needs. Having both enterprises and suppliers verified on Wisely creates a trusted ecosystem among all stakeholders. Enterprises can ‘bring their own supplier’ or choose from an expansive list of available channels and suppliers. The marketplace allows easy onboarding of existing suppliers and contracts so enterprises can discover, try, and expand globally with new partnerships. The blockchain-enabled marketplace generates zero-dispute single-source settlement reports for all stakeholders.

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