Microsoft Talks About The Xbox Live Rewards Program


17, 2014

Xbox Live Rewards

Microsoft revamped their Xbox Live Rewards program last year. With Xbox Live Rewards, it’s easy to get rewarded for being loyal to Xbox Live. The more you use Xbox Live services, the more rewards you get. You get rewards for playing games, watching movies and more. For example, renewing your Xbox Live Gold membership  gets you 3,000 Rewards Credits, take monthly surveys (250 Credits) and more.

Microsoft recently highlighted few information about the program, read it below.

1) It’s easy to use (you’re practically doing it already!)

One of the nice things about the Xbox Live Rewards Program is that it rewards you for doing the stuff you’re already doing on your Xbox One and Xbox 360. Namely: playing games, watching movies, and using apps. It’s the easiest and most fun way to earn credit for games!

2) Payouts are automatic

When your Xbox Live Rewards account reaches 5,000 Rewards Credits, they’ll be converted to your local currency, and added to your Xbox Live account. No hassle! You can request a payout earlier, too – but you never have to worry about whether you’ll get your credit.

3) You can spend your rewards on anything in the Xbox Store

Rewards Credits are converted to local currency that can be spent on anything in the Xbox Store. You’re not limited to a catalog of knickknacks that you don’t want, either: You can spend your funds on anything, including the newest hottest games.

4) There are always new ways to get Rewards Credits

As new features, new games, and new apps come out, the ways you can earn Rewards Credits can change and evolve, too. Get rewarded for trying out the cool new Xbox features you’d already want to test drive! You can currently earn 1,000 Rewards Credits for playing a featured Games with Gold title for 10 hours or more, or 2,000 Rewards Credits for purchasing an eligible game add-on for participating Games with Gold titles. And we’ll keep finding new ways for you to rack up those Rewards Credits!

5) Double down with MyVIP

Every dollar you spend in the Xbox Store counts towards VIP Stars. The higher your VIP Stars rank, the more Rewards Credits you’ll earn. And Xbox Live Gold members get double the kickback, earning up to 10 percent back on Xbox Store purchases. More gaming, more rewards!

6) You can get full stats for your personal XBL Rewards progress

The My Rewards page features updates on your Punch cards, your stats, and how many credits you need to reach the next tier level. It’s an awesome tool for keeping tabs on your progress, and seeing how close you are to reaching that next level.

Visit Xbox Live Rewards website  to get started today!

via: Xbox Wire

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