Microsoft demonstrates how Surface Laptop SE can be repaired with minimal tools

January 10, 2022
Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

In November 2021, Microsoft announced Surface Laptop SE specifically made for K-8 students. Surface Laptop SE features a 11.6-inch screen, front-facing 720p HD camera and stereo speakers.

Surface Laptop SE also offers new levels of repairability for IT admins. Components like the display, battery, keyboard, and motherboard can be easily repaired onsite. Today, Microsoft published a new video to demonstrate how Surface Laptop SE can be repaired with minimal tools. Check out the video below.

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Microsoft recommends that you seek professional assistance for device repairs and that you use caution if undertaking “do it yourself” repairs.

Surface Laptop SE costs $249.99 and it is available for education customers in the US.

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