Microsoft Surface Earbuds pass through FCC

by Surur
April 15, 2020
surface buds

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We reported the other day that Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds had shown up at online retailers, and today we can report that the truly wireless earbuds have been approved for sale by the US FCC.

The Surface Earbuds have been approved in January and according to the documentation are  25mm x 25mm x 19.9mm big.

Microsoft announced the new Surface Earbuds in October last year, and delayed them into 2020 in November last year.

Surface Earbuds are truly wireless earbuds that work with any Bluetooth device and come with dual mic array and 24 hours of battery life. It will also work with digital assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. The responsive touch surface enables intuitive gestures like tap, touch, and swipe.

During the event, Microsoft announced that Surface Earbuds will be available for $249, though online retailers have listed it for a lot less. 

Tech specs of Surface Earbuds:

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