Surface Earbuds and other Surface accessories show up at online retailers

by Atiya
April 13, 2020
surface buds

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As Microsoft rolls on closer to the launch of the new Surface Go 2, we have seen a number of new Surface accessories show up at online retailers.  We’ve already seen a new Surface Dock being leaked, with 3 new USB-C ports.  Today we have reports of Microsoft’s long-awaited Surface Buds finally showing up at retailers, and also the new Surface Go 2 Type Cover. listed the new Type Cover, part number KCN-0029 for Eur 92.61.  It seems that the company has deleted the listing already, but it can still be seen on their Google cache.  They expect the Type Cover to be available within the next 15 days.

Similarly, is listing the Surface Earbuds for only Eur 89.85.  Like Shopmart, they have also deleted their listing, but their cache can be seen here.

It seems likely that Microsoft will announce all these products simultaneously at an online event at the end of this month.

Via: thewincentral

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