Microsoft Sudoku 2.0 available now

by Ash
June 24, 2020
microsoft sudoku 2.0

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Microsoft Sudoku has received a 2.0 update, bringing “fresh colours, exciting new features, new levels of difficulty, daily challenges, and more.”

Microsoft Sudoku is free-to-play and even offers Xbox Live achievements, but does also contain both ads and in-game purchases. However, the in-game purchases are just paid subscriptions to remove the aforementioned ads, and you won’t find any sudoku content hidden behind a paywall.

To play on PC, Microsoft recommends having either Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher or Windows 8.1, either x64 or x86 architecture, and Version 10 of DirectX.

You can read all the changes that are available in Microsoft Sudoku 2.0 below, courtesy of the game’s official Microsoft Store page. You can also download the app by either following the previous link or by searching for “Microsoft Sudoku” on the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Sudoku is bringing the classic game you love to a whole new light! The #1 logic puzzle game has turned up the brilliance with fresh colors, exciting new features, new levels of difficulty, daily challenges, achievements and MORE! Keep your mind sharp with hundreds of brain training puzzles for players of all ages!

New Ways to Play
Play classic puzzles with six (6) levels of difficulty, offering you just the right amount of challenge. Play at your own pace with freshly generated puzzles giving you endless supply of unique Sudoku games.

For more fun, select from four (4) different themes including playing with Charms instead of numbers. You may never go back to the classic way of playing again!

New Features to Enjoy
Looking for a change? Try playing in Irregular mode! The same rules but each block of numbers is in fun and colorful shapes.

If that’s not enough, test your skills in all new Daily Challenges. Three (3) unique puzzles a day allow you to collect coins and win badges in Classic, Irregular, and now Ice Breaker game mode. Send shockwaves across the board that break the ice when placing the correct numbers or charms.

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