Microsoft Sudoku stealthily rolls out on iOS


25, 2020

It’s a good day for those who enjoy sudoku and have iOS devices, as Microsoft Sudoku has officially – and rather stealthily – rolled out on the Apple App Store.

While the game received a soft launch back in December, it was only in certain countries. Now, with update v1.2.02130, it appears that Microsoft Sudoku is available for all.

Microsoft Sudoku is free-to-play and even offers Xbox Live achievements, but does also contain both ads and in-app purchases. However, the in-app purchases are just paid subscriptions to remove the aforementioned ads, and you won’t find any sudoku content hidden behind a paywall.

The app is just 139.2MB and can be downloaded on iOS by following the link here or by searching for “Microsoft Sudoku” on the App Store.

Not an iOS user but still a fan of sudoku? No worries. You can get Microsoft Sudoku on PC here and on Android here. Happy gaming!

Thank you to Code for sending in the tip about Microsoft Sudoku being available on iOS! If you have a tip for us, you can always contact us using this form or give us a shout on Twitter.

Relax and keep your mind sharp with a game of Microsoft Sudoku, the world’s best Sudoku app.


Play puzzles you’ve come to love now with 6 difficulty levels to choose from! Elegant, clean and intellectually stimulating. Play at your leisure where every puzzle is freshly generated giving you a never-ending supply of unique classic Sudoku games to play.


Try a whole new take on Sudoku! Rules are the same but the blocks have irregular shapes. You might not ever go back to the classic way of playing again! It’s cool to be Irregular.

Daily Challenges:

Play 3 unique challenges every day, collect coins and win badges! Classic, Irregular and an all new Ice Breaker game mode! In Ice Breaker placing correct numbers sends shockwaves across the board that break the ice. Give it a try, it’s a breeze!


• Freshly generated puzzles every game across 6 levels of difficulty for Classic and Irregular Sudoku

• 3 new Daily Challenges every day

• Multiple different themes to choose from. Are you a visual person? Try the Charms theme that uses symbols instead of numbers and can be played in any game mode!

• Take notes like you would like you did on paper that get automatically updated each time you fill in a cell.

• Made a mistake? No problem just erase it

• Sign in with a Microsoft account to earn Xbox Live achievements and save your progress in the cloud across all your Apple devices.

• Track your Statistics for all game modes including your Best Time, Average Time, and Games Played.

• Customize the way you play with tons of settings including Block Duplicates, Show Mistakes, Show All Notes, and more!

• Play by choosing a square first or a number first. Any input method works!

• Pick up right where you left off, your classic and irregular puzzle progress is saved when you close the app!

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