Microsoft Stream gets improved embed video experience and webcam-only recording



Microsoft yesterday announced new improvements for Microsoft Stream (Classic). Microsoft Stream now offers better video embed experience and webcam-only recording.

First, Microsoft has replaced its old embed player with an improved version called Fast Embed. This new Fast Embed experience now offers faster-loading times for all Stream videos embedded across Microsoft 365 applications.

Microsoft also announced the new webcam-only recording to Stream (Classic) customers. This offers an additional way to create videos inside the organization without downloading additional tools or software.

Microsoft Stream is a cloud service for enterprise video content with deep integration across Office 365. At Ignite 2020, Microsoft announced an all-new Stream experience. The Microsoft Stream is being reimagined and rebuilt to integrate seamlessly with applications across the Microsoft 365 suite, so you can create, share, discover, and manage video as easily as any Office document.

Source: Microsoft

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