According to ZDNet, this year’s Microsoft Build will also feature a supplemental ‘What’s Next for Gaming’ event. 

Microsoft’s Build annual conference is set to run from May 25th to 27th, as the ZDNet report confirms, with the bundled gaming event “expected in the coming weeks” around the event. 

This ‘What’s Next for Gaming’ comes as part of a series of smaller ‘What’s Next’ conferences, which are set to run around the main conferencing event. 

It’s unlikely, that this event will see any game announcements, though not entirely impossible, even with the more business-oriented expected audience. 

More likely, is that we might hear more about developments within the games industry, such as engine tech like the newly acquired id Tech engine in Xbox’s Bethesda Zenimax acquisition deal. Or even more details about Xbox Game Pass and the xCloud service currently in beta.

It’s entirely speculation what we might see honestly, with this event being the first of its kind run around the Microsoft Build conference, but we expect it to be a bit more business-oriented rather than out and out games. 

While the Build conference is planned for May 25th to 27th, there is no word yet on when this ‘What’s Next in Gaming’ event might happen.