Microsoft says it will fix Bing Chat refuses to create something by tomorrow in v98

April 5, 2023
Microsoft Bing

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has become the talk of the town ever since it was released, though Microsoft’s Bing Chat, benefitting from the same AI technology, is more advanced in many ways. However, users have long complained about the chatbot’s delayed response and sometimes failure to respond when asked to create something.

Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, has recently revealed on his Twitter timeline that the company will reduce the number of cases where Bing Chat refuses to create something. Users will see a reduction in the number of such cases by tomorrow with Bing Chat v98. Microsoft will roll out v98 today, and many users should start seeing the improvement well before tomorrow.

In Bing Chat v98, Microsoft also aims to fix the issue of disengagement. It means we should also see less number of instances where Bing Chat refuses to respond to our queries in the middle of a conversation. According to Parakhin, this will be deployed in the second stage. However, Microsoft’s executive did not make it clear when the deployment will happen, but it should not take more than a couple of weeks.

Previously, Microsoft brought big changes to Bing Chat with new versions. It famously added the “tri toggle” to Bing Chat v96, enabling users to use the chatbot in three modes: Creative, Balanced, and Precise. We hope the company will add many more in the coming days.

The Bing Chat is still in preview and is not available for everyone. You need to sign up with your Microsoft account to use the new AI-powered Bing Chat. You can sign up to try the new Bing from here.

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