Microsoft says everybody is now on Bing Chat v96

February 28, 2023
Microsoft Bing

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Microsoft is hard at work in making the chat experience in Bing better. The software giant recently added the ability to set the tone of the chat in the new AI Bing app. Now, Microsoft has said that everybody is now on Bing Chat v96, which is an upgraded version of the chat.

However, the company has not mentioned what changes the new version of Bing Chat has introduced. There is no easy way for the users to know the version number of the Bing Chat, either. Mike Davidson, who is currently working on the new Bing, has said that Microsoft will offer “more universal access” for people to know the version number in the near future.

The ability to set the tone for chats was rolling out to mobile users at launch. And with the v96, that has not changed: if you are using Bing Chat on Edge desktop, you still can not tweak the tone of the chats. Microsoft has not clarified when everybody will be able to set the tone of Bing chats.

While Microsoft hasn’t released the release note for the new version, users are speculating that the new version could mark the beginning of the Redmond giant implementing more chat sessions and increased daily chat support. Hopefully, Microsoft will give us more clarity over what changes are coming up next to Bing Chat.

Meanwhile, users can access the new ChatGPT Bing from multiple Microsoft apps and services. It recently launched Bing Chat for Edge mobile apps and Skype. In the coming months, we may also see the new Bing chat experience in more Microsoft apps and services.

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