Microsoft says it isn’t scanning your emails, unlike Yahoo!


5, 2016


Yesterday, a report from Reuters  claimed that Yahoo! secretly scanned millions of its users’ emails after receiving a request from the NSA. This, once again, raised some major concerns throughout the tech industry regarding privacy. Yahoo! apparently build a custom software to scan users’ email for the NSA, which is definitely quite infuriating for Yahoo! users. This, of course, made users wonder if other tech companies are also doing similar things to scan users’ email secretly. Thankfully though, it turns out Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter aren’t helping the NSA. In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson told Fortune:

“We have never engaged in the secret scanning of email traffic like what has been reported today about Yahoo,”

Google, on the other hand, stated that the search giant never received this kind of request — and even if they did, their response will apparently be “no way”. Facebook says the company will “fight” if it receives a similar request — and lastly, Twitter simply stated that the company isn’t working with the NSA either. Pretty good — for now, anyway.

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