Microsoft ropes in best buds Adobe for Microsoft Teams integration, will get revealed at Build 2017

May 5, 2017

Microsoft’s big annual developer conference is happening next week in Seattle. At Build 2017, the software giant is expected to introduce a lot of new things — ranging from Azure to Windows 10. Microsoft will also have announcements for Office 365, and that includes the recently introduced Microsoft Teams service. Yesterday, Microsoft released the details about all the different sessions that will be happening throughout Build 2017 — while most of the sessions weren’t very interesting, one of them caught our attention, titled “Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud in Microsoft Teams.”

According to the details for that session, Adobe is going to integrate its Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud services into Microsoft Teams. The new integration will likely get revealed on the day 1 keynote at Build 2017. Interestingly, Microsoft has pulled all the Build 2017 session details — including the one that talks about Adobe Creative Cloud integration. Thankfully, we had already screenshotted the page and here are the key details from the session details:

Join speakers from Adobe as they delve into how seamlessly and quickly they integrated Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud with Microsoft Teams. A live demo using tab and input extensions that enables teams to access, share, and colaborate on assets from Adobe Creative Cloud, send and track Adobe Sign agreements using bot and tab, and get notified within the channel when there any updates. Speakers div into development details that includes how they leveraged Microsoft Teams extensibility framework, Adobe Creative Cloud API and Adobe Document Cloud API to build this integration.

The Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Card integration on Microsoft Teams sounds like quite a deep integration. As Microsoft stated, users using Adobe Creative Cloud will be able to share and collaborate on files. The integration will also include some bots and tabs that will let users keep track of updates to files, and also send/track Adobe Sign agreements.

We will have more details on the Adobe Creative Cloud integration for Microsoft Teams from Build 2017, as we will be covering it live from Seattle — stay tuned to MSPU for more, next week.

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