Microsoft is rewarding early Xbox One X adopters with digital 4K copies of The Lego Batman Movie

November 28, 2017

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If you happened to have purchased an Xbox One X already, Microsoft wants to show you just how much the company appreciates it. As numerous people on Twitter and Reddit are revealing, as a thank you for being some of the first Xbox One X customers, Microsoft is giving away free digital 4K copies of The Lego Batman Movie.

The codes appear to be sent out via Xbox Live messages. A few Redditors have started sharing their messages to get the news out. As the message states, the film is in full 4K UHD and must be redeemed by March 31, 2017. [The date appears to be a typo in the message as March this year has passed and players have been able to redeem their codes]

The Lego Batman Movie released this year and quickly became one of the better DC superhero movies in 2017 after some notable disappointments from Warner Bros. and the comic book publisher. The film follows Batman and a host of other DC heroes as they attempt to send escaped villains of the Lego multiverse back into the Phantom Zone. If you have yet to see it and bought an Xbox One X recently, you may be in luck.

It’s unknown just how many codes are going out to people and whether or not the selection process is random. It was also not revealed if you would have needed to purchase your Xbox One X before a certain date to be eligible.

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