Microsoft releases 125 million building footprints in the US to the OpenStreetMap community

Recently, we reported about Microsoft integrating its 5PB of Streetside imagery into iD, a popular editor for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Today, Microsoft announced that it is releasing 124 Million building footprints in the United States to the OpenStreetMap community. Bing Maps team used Microsoft’s CNTK Unified Toolkit to apply its Deep Neural Networks and the ResNet34 with RefineNet up-sampling layers to detect building footprints from the Bing imagery.

OpenStreetMap currently has 30,567,953 building footprints in the US, thanks to editor contributions and various city or county wide imports. Using DNNs and Bing Imagery, Microsoft has extracted 124,885,597 footprints in the United States and making it available for download free of charge.

Learn more about it here.