Microsoft has released an update for the beta version of the Your Phone app for Android which includes a special fix for the Surface Duo 2.

The update removes a strange limitation which allowed Surface Duo 2 owners to only pair their device with one PC, meaning for example they could only send notifications to their laptop at home but not their PC at work.

The update is included in version 1.21111.176.0-beta_3060351 of the Your Phone app in the Google Play Store, and allows users to use the Add Computer button in the Settings in the Your Phone app.

It is not clear why the Surface Duo 2 had this limitation.

Surface Duo users are also not able to stream apps to their PC and can only stream their whole phone screen, unlike Samsung users, who are able to stream multiple apps at the same time, and also their whole phone screen. Hopefully, a future update will also address this issue.

The latest version of the Your Phone Android app can be found in the Store here, but to get the new version users will have to sign up to be beta testers, which can also be done from the Store.

Link to Windows
Link to Windows
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Price: Free

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