Microsoft redesigns the USB-C connector to make it more suitable for smartphones

Microsoft has always pushed the hardware limits with its premium Surface lineup and it looks like Microsoft is planning to do the same in the near future.

According to a new patent filing, Microsoft is working on decreasing the thickness of USB Type-C devices. The patent was published on 21st June which shows an improved USB Type-C design. The patent titled “ULTRA-THIN USB-C CONNECTOR” was filed back in 2016 and it explains how the next gen Type-C connector will work.

A USB-C connector includes a plug tip and a cable. The USB-C connector includes a single, seamless, continuous, thin housing protecting a wire termination and contacts within the housing. The housing has a uniform thickness along the entire length of the housing. The housing may provide strain relief to the cable and an aesthetically pleasing USB-C connector. The connector may include an overmold residing inside the housing and over the wire termination and contacts.

(Patent Abstract)

We aren’t still sure as to how this will work and when Microsoft plans on introducing it. However, with plenty of Surface device launches planned this year, we might be able to take a look at new USB connectors soon. Meanwhile, you can read more about the patent on US Patent and Trademark Office website.

Via: Windows Latest