Microsoft raises Bing’s chat limit to 120 per day

March 8, 2023
Microsoft Bing

Without announcements, Microsoft increased the limit of the Bing chatbot to 120 per day, a decent bump from the last 100 chat limit the company imposed in February.

Microsoft is continuously enhancing the new ChatGPT-powered Bing, specifically its chatbot that was recently reported to misbehave during interactions with users. This pushed the company to put a chat limit, saying long sessions can confuse the bot. And from the 60 chat limit per day, the chatbot can now handle up to 120 chats, according to Mikhail Parakhin, head of advertising and web services at Microsoft. This change, however, was quietly implemented by the company.

Parakhin shared the detail after saying that the company also switched chat turns from 8 to 6 yesterday, which he described as a “regression.”

“We should be mostly back to the normal depth 8, total 120/day,” Parakhin’s tweet reads. “Sorry about that! Seems to be holding up fine, hope to increase again soon.”

The improvement is just one of the new things the software giant included in Bing. Some of its recent works include the addition of turn counters in the chatbot and the rollout of chat tones. Soon, more features might be available to users as more and more leaks spill to the public. Recently, Bleeping Computer shared a hidden feature in the chatbot that is being tested by Microsoft. Called “Celebrity” mode, the setting will allow the chatbot to impersonate known personalities and fictional characters by delivering responses in their distinctive styles. This seems to be a part of the formerly reported Sydney, Assistant, Friend, and Game modes of Bing. However, all of the modes are still inaccessible to the public, and the bot won’t enable them with simple prompts. 

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