Microsoft Q1 FY20 earnings: Office, Linkedin and Dynamics revenue continue to soar

Microsoft released its FY20 Q1 results today, recording a growth of 14% YoY to the tune of $33.1 billion. The commercial cloud, like the rest of Microsoft’s businesses, also saw an increase in revenue.

“It was a strong start to the fiscal year with our commercial cloud generating $11.6 billion in revenue for the quarter, up 36% year over year,” said Amy Hood, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Microsoft.

The highlights from the firm’s Office and Cloud services group are as follows:

  • Office Commercial products and cloud services revenue increased 13% (up 15% in constant currency) driven by Office 365 Commercial revenue growth of 25% (up 28% in constant currency)
  • Office Consumer products and cloud services revenue increased 5% (up 6% in constant currency) with continued growth in Office 365 Consumer subscribers to 35.6 million
  • LinkedIn revenue increased 25% (up 26% in constant currency)
  • Dynamics products and cloud services revenue increased 14% (up 16% in constant currency) driven by Dynamics 365 revenue growth of 41% (up 44% in constant currency)

Microsoft has been pushing Office 365 and the Cloud as the future of its business for years, a fact it reiterated with the launch pf Surface Neo and Duo. With more and more users adopting the firm’s cloud-based business products, Microsoft’s Office 365 strategy continues to be a winner.

Source: Microsoft

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