Microsoft possibly hid the Project Scorpio release date on a teaser video

Microsoft released a bunch of teasers for E3 ahead of the official reveal of Project Scorpio, the company’s upcoming gaming console. The teaser videos don’t reveal anything about the new console — but Microsoft possibly included some hidden messages on the videos. Now before we go any further, this is pure speculation — and it’s possible that the following may not even be true. Nevertheless, here it goes:

In one of the teaser videos for E3, a few frames show a crowd cheering — and on the side of the stage, there’s a text reading “X10S101-317” which you can see in the picture above. Yes, that doesn’t make any sense at first glance but it could just be the release date of Project Scorpio. The “X10S” on the string possibly refers to the console itself, but the “101317” could be indicating the release date of Scorpio: October 13th, 2017. As Windows Central mentions, the 13th of October is a Friday which is a popular release day for most gaming products, but more importantly, it’s the original Xbox One was also launched on a Friday.

There’s another teaser video which includes a hidden message “6>4”. This could be comparing the power of the PlayStation 4 Pro with the Project Scorpio, as the PS4 Pro packs 4.12 teraflops of computing power while the Scorpio includes 6 teraflops of computing power.

Once again, all of this is speculation but we’ll get to see the real deal and know a lot more about Scorpio next week at E3, which we’ll be covering live from Los Angles.

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