Microsoft plans to introduce extensions badging on Edge Add-Ons Store

February 27, 2023

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While Microsoft Edge is a distant second in the browser race, many people use and prefer it over Google Chrome. And as the usage share of Microsoft Edge continues to grow, the software giant wants to “provide the best experience to both our users and developers” through the extensions badging on the Edge Add-Ons Store (EAS).

Extensions badging will be visual labels and only granted to quality extensions on the Edge Add-Ons Store. This way, Edge users will be able to spot the quality extensions on the Add-Ons store easily. And since the visual labels indicate quality, the new badging system might also encourage developers to build extensions using best practices in mind.

Microsoft will soon start experimenting with extension badges on Microsoft Edge Add-Ons Store. During the process of experimentation, Microsoft will test “different badge designs and placement options to see which ones are most effective at getting users’ attention and encouraging them to interact with the extension.” The experimentation allows developers to get insights into which badging labels generate more engagement, thus helping them understand how to implement badging on the Add-Ons Store.

On its community website, Microsoft wrote:

The Edge Addons Store is starting its experiment with extensions badges soon. And we want to iteratively build this alongside our dev community. Edge is starting with a small-scale experiment and will begin to engage with the developer community to talk through the criterion and help them get acquainted with the badging process on EAS.

Microsoft has also shared that The Edge add-ons store catalog has grown to close to 11,000 add-ons. Edge’s impressive number of add-ons has propelled the software giant to plan the new badging labels. It will be interesting to see whether developers implement it on their extensions.

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