Microsoft Planner becomes the latest app to get updated with the new icon

by Anmol
September 11, 2019

As a part of implementing fluent design across Windows, Microsoft has been updating icons of all the first-party apps and services. The company announced new Office icons back in November of 2018 and has been updating Microsoft Office to add the new icons. Just a week back, Microsoft updated Forms to enable the new icons.

First spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia, Microsoft Planner is the latest app to get the new icon. The new icon looks more in line with the other Office apps like Word and Excel. We have noticed the new planner app on the Office 365 dashboard so it might be a server-side update to enable the new icon.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is still lacking consistency as the Planner splash screen still shows the old icon. While it’s definitely not an easy thing to update all the icons on a piece of software, we expected better results from Microsoft. Nevertheless, the new Planner icon is available in the Office 365 suite and it even shows up on the dashboard but not on the loading screen. Microsoft is yet to update the Android and iOS apps with the new icon as well.

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