Microsoft patents a more accurate battery life meter


14, 2019

Microsoft is back in the phone game, which means battery life is once again a burning issue for the company. This is especially true for the super-thin Surface Duo, which each side is only 4.8mm thick.

Microsoft has applied for a patent for a more informative battery life meter, which they hope will help users judge more accurately how long they can use their device before they need to recharge it.

The patent would have your device measure your battery level and then offer usage times based on various scenarios, allowing users to optimise their usage themselves.

The abstract notes;

A user interface for power management of a mobile communications device is described. In one implementation, the power consumption used in performing a plurality of tasks is monitored by a mobile communication device. A user interface is displayed on a display of the mobile communication device describing a period of time that may perform each of the plurality of tasks based on the determined amount of power remaining in the battery.

The move is interesting for being transparent and giving more information to users, whereas most phone companies tout AI-driven power management which learns your patterns and behaviour and then automatically adjust their settings and displays based on this.

Which version do our readers prefer? Let us know below.

Via WindowsUnited

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