Microsoft patent shows off a new kind of hinge system


13, 2019

Author Rahul // in patents

Hinge is going to play a crucial role in Microsoft’s foldable Windows 10 device. We already saw how a bad hinge system can cause damage to the overall experience of using a foldable product in the Galaxy Fold smartphone. To make sure that its future foldable devices don’t end up being another Galaxy Fold, Microsoft has come up with an interesting idea to address various issues related to the hinge.

In a new Patent, Microsoft envisions a new type of hinge system, in which there will be what they called “deformable member” and it will be positioned between the two displays. Interestingly enough, this deformable member includes a “cavity defining element” containing a semi-viscous fluid. The purpose of the fluid-filled deformable member is to maintain a minimum bend radius and to reduce the stress on the display, according to Microsoft.

Moreover, the patent talks about a flexible cover, which is positioned opposite the flexible display. As per Microsoft, the purpose of the flexible cover is to make sure that foreign materials don’t get into the hinge system.

Microsoft’s new hinge system is not for any particular device. In fact, it can be used in products ranging from notebook computers to wearable smart devices.

“The present hinge assembly concepts can be utilized with any type of device, such as but not limited to notebook computers, smartphones, wearable smart devices, tablets, and/or other types of existing, developing, and/or yet to be developed devices,” Microsoft noted.

via: Patentlymobile

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