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Rumours of the Surface Phone have been swirling for a while, but Microsoft may have just inadvertently thrown a bit of fuel to the flames.

Earlier today, a poster on reddit somehow discovered that wasn’t a dead link as you would expect, rather entering in the URL for Surface Phone dot com would open Microsoft’s Surface website.

Normally we would dismiss this out of hand as Microsoft owning all Surface related URLs but we checked around for other URLs that we would expect Microsoft to buy if they were making a purchase of domains for Surface related products.

Which is why it is interesting that other obvious combinations for Surface device families aren’t owned by Microsoft as well., surfacebook,com, and other combinations did not go to Microsoft’s Surface portal. SurfaceCar,com does, and its up to anyone’s imagination why(surface care?).

This isn’t hard evidence for a Surface phone, it’s just enough to make one consider a hypothesis that Microsoft is perhaps either planning to release a Surface Phone or has entertained the thought. Rumours circulating earlier have also confirmed that Microsoft is working on some sort of phone(duh) with the Surface team, making this even more plausible.

It’s also worth noting that even if Microsoft is releasing a Surface Phone, it may need to be materially different from the iPhone in the same way the Surface tablets differ from the iPad and Mac family of devices.

Either way, we’ll find out more about the alleged Surface Phone in the coming months.

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