Microsoft opens a new Reactor start up space in London

February 23, 2018

Microsoft has unveiled a new Reactor space in Shoreditch, London.

The firm’s Reactor spaces are used to develop start-up talent, and this one is no different

“The Reactor is a $20m investment by Microsoft over the next 10 years,” said Microsoft’s UK CEO, Cindy Rose in a speech announcing the space. “It’s a reflection of the enduring commitment to the UK as a destination for digital innovation, and the importance that we place on nurturing and developing start-up talent in the UK, which we know is Europe’s hotspot for technology innovation”

The two-floor space cost $20 million to develop, and has been hailed as being well-placed to support entrepreneurs in the popular Shoreditch area.

Microsoft has already helped 735 UK start-ups to gain access to funding, and with the new Reactor Hub, is poised to help even more.

Microsoft has many of these venues around the world, including in New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Microsoft’s home of Redmond, all popular and acclaimed tech hubs.

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