Microsoft opens flagship store in Sydney — its first outside North America


Microsoft has launched its flagship retail store in Sydney, Australia. This is the first time, the company has opened its flagship store outside North America. Not only does the retail store will provide consumers a chance to check out the company’s latest offerings, but it also serves as a one stop for all their gear repairs.

Located in a two storey, 6000 sq ft space, it is only the second flagship store Microsoft has ever built. The company has more than 100 physical stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; online stores in more than 150 nations; more than a dozen store-in-store locations across China. But a standalone bricks and mortar presence until now was limited to North America.

The launch of the store coincides with the Australian launch of Microsoft’s Surface Book and new Microsoft Band fitness tracker. Both of the devices are exclusively available in Australia through this store. The company says that the Surface Pro 4 tablet, and the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL smartphones will be available before Christmas with their pre-order going up soon.

Another interesting side of the store is that the company is willing to provide both hardware and software services. You need help with your Office 365 account? This is the place to go. Your Windows laptop isn’t working? Microsoft has you covered. But more interestingly, the company is also offering support for non-Microsoft machine. The company says that it will feature some of its partners’ products at the store.

The company furthermore says that it wouldn’t charge users for any technical help unless the issue requires hardware repair or replacement. Which is fair enough. Also, unlike Apple stores, wherein the products are usually locked up or tied down, at Microsoft’s store you can pick up the device and walk around the store.