Microsoft Open Sourcing Its Tool To Port iOS Apps To Windows


With Windows 10, Microsoft released new APIs with support for adaptive UX, natural user inputs and cloud-based services. Microsoft also announced a series of “bridging” technologies to enable developers to bring their existing iOS, Android, Web and desktop code and skillsets to the Windows Store.

Today, Microsoft announced that they are open sourcing Windows Bridge for iOS (previously known as ‘Project Islandwood’). Final release will be released later this fall along with new tooling capabilities that will ship with the upcoming Visual Studio 2015 Update). Microsoft is inviting you to help them by contributing to the project, as community contributors — with source code, tests, bug reports, or comments. We welcome any and all participation in building this bridge.

Microsoft also announced that the Windows Bridge for Android, or ‘Project Astoria’, is currently available as a technical preview by invitation only and they have been gradually inviting more developers each week and will continue to expand this preview program. To get on the waitlist for early access, please use the sign up form.

The Windows Bridge for Classic Windows apps, ‘Project Centennial,’ that will make it possible to package and publish your current .NET and Win32-based Windows applications to the Windows Store, will be ready for public testing next year.

Read more about it here.