Microsoft offering up to $70 in free apps and more for new high-end Lumia buyers in US




On their blog Microsoft has detailed some incentives they will be using to entice holiday buyers to pick up a new high end Nokia Lumia handset in US.

First, until the 15th of January all Lumia 925, 928, 1020, or 1520 buyers will get $20 in app credit. The full details of this deal can be found here.

Next those who buy a Nokia Lumia 1520 at a Microsoft store will get an additional $50 app card from Microsoft, and if you pre-order you get even more, including free accessories like a flip cover. Read all the details here, then head over to the Microsoft Store website to order.

Lastly, as described earlier,  If you buy a Nokia Lumia 2520 with a Lumia 925, 1020, or 1520 you can get the $399 tablet for only $199.  Read more about that here.

Are our US readers temped to splurge? Let us know below.

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