Microsoft offering drive-through coronavirus testing for employees


9, 2020

Microsoft has been at the forefront of taking care of its employees during the coronavirus crisis, from ordering them to work from home first to giving them time off to teach their children.

Their latest employee benefit is likely to reassure many who are unwell and who would prefer to know if they have the dreaded virus or not.

The program manager for OneDrive has just tweeted that Microsoft is offering drive-through COVID-19 testing for employees and their dependents.

Given that in most cases these tests are negative, this could allow those who are unwell to end their self-isolation well before the required 7-14 days and allow those who are unwell and not getting better fast enough to seek early help.

Besides helping their employees, Microsoft has been working hard at helping everyone tackle the disease, by donating money, resources and brainpower. Read more about their efforts in Satya Nadella’s letter to employees here.

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