Microsoft now lets you stream games from Android and iOS with Mixer

Microsoft’s interactive gaming platform Mixer is launching its official app for Android and iOS devices today. After months of testing, Microsoft’s Mixer Create is out of beta and available to everyone right now from the respective app stores.

Mixer Create lets you stream games right from your smartphone without needing to install any extra software. The app will let you stream almost every game on Android, but on the iPhone, it’ll only work with apps that support Apple’s ReplayKit. Mixer Create also lets you co-stream with your friends on your mobile device, although it’s a bit limited right now. The app lets you join co-streams created by your friends, but you won’t be able to start a co-stream from your phone just yet. That’s scheduled to arrive in the coming months.

Moderating comments, editing profile, and even the ability to stream from your phone’s camera is also possible using the Mixer Create app. You can grab it on Android here, and iOS here.

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