Microsoft now insisting Windows 10 users make data privacy choices

Microsoft has caught a lot of flak for their data collection practices in Windows 10 and when Windows 10 users upgraded to the Creators Update last Fall they were confronted with a new settings screen where they needed to make choices about how their data was being collected and managed.

Not all Windows 10 users are on the Creators Update however and for those laggards, Microsoft will now be sending out a new set of pop-ups reminiscent of the Windows 10 update prompt in which they will demand users make privacy choices in preparation for the Creators Update.

Users will only be able to skip the prompt 5 times before they will presumably no longer be able to dismiss it.  Specifying your settings will not automatically lead to your device being updated, however – this will still be prompted in the usual due course, which suggests forcing Windows 10 users to specify their privacy preferences has more to do with getting regulators off Microsoft’s back than anything else.

In addition, Microsoft will also be prompting users of older, unsupported versions of Windows 10 (e.g . version 1507) to upgrade to newer supported versions of the OS. These older versions are not getting security updates anymore and may be vulnerable to the increasing waves of malware attacks on Windows.

Read more about the changes on Microsoft’s blog here.

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