Microsoft News: Outlook will soon let you set background images in its reading pane

April 18, 2023

Microsoft will reportedly replace the current Outlook UWP app with new Outlook for Windows, which is essentially a web app. And the software giant has some exciting new features in the pipeline for the new Outlook on Windows. It recently shared one of the many functionalities the new Outlook for Windows will get.

Microsoft will offer more personalization to those using Outlook on the web and the new Outlook on Windows. And it will do so by bringing the ability to display a background image in the Outlook reading pane. Make no mistake, Outlook will show the background image only when no email is selected. Microsoft is planning to introduce this capability to Outlook on the web and new Outlook for Windows in June this year.

You will not see the background image in the Outlook reading pane automatically when the feature becomes available. Microsoft has confirmed that the capability will be disabled by default. You will have to turn on the background image by going to Settings General Appearance from Outlook. The ability to set background images on the reading page is currently available for Outlook UWP users.

While Microsoft is planning to introduce background images to Outlook reading pane in June, it may get delayed if things do not work out as planned. That said, the Redmond tech giant is also planning to bring another set of new features for Outlook users before June. One of the major features coming to Outlook next month is vernacular voice compose.

In a recent development, Microsoft added a new “Profiles” feature to Outlook for Mac, allowing users to create different profiles for different purposes from within the app.

Source: Microsoft 

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