Microsoft Outlook mobile users will soon get a bunch of new features

April 8, 2023

Microsoft is working on several new features for Outlook users on different mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. Some of the new features the company is working on include vernacular voice compose, video unfurl and playback, and the ability to seamlessly capture video from their phone while in the Outlook mobile app and then upload it to email.

However, the vernacular voice compose is not for the main Outlook app. The functionality will be available for the Outlook Lite app and only for Android users in India. It will allow you to compose emails in nine different Indian languages with your voice. You will also be able to translate those emails to another language before sending them. Microsoft has not mentioned which languages are supported in vernacular voice compose in Outlook Lite. It is expected to roll out next month.

Microsoft has listed the vernacular voice compose feature in Outlook Lite with a feature ID 125288 on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page.

Microsoft’s Outlook app on mobile platforms will also get a new function to let you tap on a video link to open a thumbnail, giving you a quick preview of what the video could be about. You will also be able to tap on the thumbnail to play the video in an in-app player in full screen on your Android and iOS devices. The software giant is expecting to release the feature this month.

Video link unfurling and playback in Outlook has a feature ID 125288 on the Roadmap page.

Outlook users on Android will also be able to “capture a video from their phone while in the Outlook Mobile app, then seamlessly upload it to their email.” Besides reading emails, Android users will also be able to capture and upload videos from the Outlook app. According to Microsoft, “uploading the video will leverage OneDrive for Business, allowing users to benefit from increased storage space and large limits for video size and length.” It is all set to arrive this month. You can find this functionality listed under feature ID 117588.

However, it is worth pointing out that above mentioned rollout dates are subject to change. Microsoft can delay the rollout date if it faces issues while working on them.

Source: Microsoft

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