Microsoft explains the new features of Surface Laptop 4 in a new video

April 13, 2021
Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 new

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 new

Today, Microsoft announced the new Surface Laptop 4 with several improvements including the latest gen Intel and AMD processors for improved performance, better battery life, improved webcam and more. Microsoft today published a new video explaining all the new features of the Surface Laptop 4. You can find the video below.

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Summary of the video:

  • Processor: Models with AMD chipsets are now equipped with 7 nanometer multi-threaded Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface Edition processors. Ryzen 7 doubles the core count from 4 to 8 and runs at a higher clock speed. And Ryzen 5 increases the core count from 4 to 7, vs. other 4000-series Ryzen 5 processors with 6 cores. The extra core is used for GPU. Intel chipsets now use 11th Gen Core i5 Core i7 quad core and multi-threaded processors with integrated Iris Xe graphics.
  • Improved security: Models with AMD processors are the first to ship as certified Windows 10 Secured-core PCs.
  • Surface Laptop 4 supports? ?802.11ax Wi-Fi 6??and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity.
  • Improved thermal design: The active cooling system combined with smart logic ensures the Surface Laptop 4 remains whisper quiet. Our virtual temperature sensor uses advanced techniques and readings from multiple sources across the board to provide the best performance, while keeping the device within controlled touch temperature ranges.
  • Improved audio: Dolby Atmos to deliver rich full-range and accurate spatial sound from its stereo omnisonic speakers. The bass response has also been extended.
  • Battery Life: 13.5” AMD Ryzen 5 Microsoft Surface Edition processor – up to 19 hours, 15” AMD Ryzen 7 Microsoft Surface Edition processor – up to 17.5 hours, 13.5” Intel Core™ i5 – up to 17 hours, 15” Intel Core™ i7 – up to 16.5 hours.
  • Improved webcam: The camera image processing is hardware-accelerated for noise reduction, sharpness, and contrast. Its F2 aperture and 1.4-micron pixel sensor let in about 60% more light compared to common 1.1-micron pixel sensors in other HD laptop cameras, resulting in better low light capture.
  • When paired with the optional Surface Dock 2, Surface Laptop 4 can drive two 4k displays at 60 hertz along with its internal LCD display.
  • Improved manangement: Models with AMD processors now also benefit from the same enterprise deployment and management tools as models equipped with Intel chips.

You can pre-order the new Surface Laptop 4 here and get the Surface Earbuds worth $199 for free.

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