Microsoft Movies & TV grabs new features with latest update on Windows 10


Microsoft is releasing yet another update for the Movies & TV app for Windows 10 with a couple of new features. The update isn’t as massive as the last update, but it does bring some notable new features such as the ability to switch between Dolby and AAC 2-Channel audio while streaming a movie or TV series. In addition to this, Microsoft is also adding the ability to quickly delete a movie from the Xbox One.

The changelog for the latest update also talks about some other features, but they aren’t actually new as they’re added with the last update. Nevertheless, here is the full changelog for the latest update:

  • When you start a video in the folders view, Previous and Next now skip to other videos in that folder.
  • When rentals expire, it’s easier to rent them again.
  • You can now switch between Dolby and AAC 2-Channel audio while streaming video.
  • Buy while you binge: You can pay for each next TV episode just before it plays.
  • On Windows devices, you can more quickly resume or restart movies currently in progress.
  • On Xbox One consoles, you can quickly delete a movie while viewing its details.

You can get the latest update for Movies & TV from the link below if you are part of the Windows Insider program’s Fast Ring or the Xbox One Preview Ring:

Filme & TV
Filme & TV
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