Microsoft Mobile shows off Bluetooth Lamp which can show notifications


13, 2014

Author Surur // in News


On their Conversations blog Microsoft Mobile has shown off a new concept of a lamp which will light up when your receive notifications on your Windows Phone..

Similar to the DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate the Fatboy Lamp will pulsate when you receive an instant message, phone call or email. Notifications can also come from a long list of apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype, set by the Device Hub app in Lumia handsets on the latest version of the OS.

Microsoft showed off the concept in Berlin in September, and developed it in conjunction with Fatboy and BlueGiga, a Bluetooth module maker

Sanda Berar is the Head of Connected Gadgets at Microsoft noted that it was a great show case of what Bluetooth technology can enable, saying:

We’ve taken an existing Fatboy product, the Edison Petit lamp, and made it work together with our Lumia phones. It’s very similar to how the wireless charging plate works – when you have new notifications, the lamp will blink.

In essence, the Smart Bluetooth module from Bluegiga that we’ve embedded in the lamp talks to Windows Phone, making the lamp smart.

Third parties can develop their own notification accessory and related application. All they need is the BT LE chipset supporting the notification and APIs to be able to connect to the chipset.

Sandra notes hardware hackers can make their own accessories, being able to purchase the Bluetooth module at  BlueGiga and Microsoft being willing to share the API’s via their email address here.

I will certainly be buying the DT-903 when it becomes available. Are any of our readers also interested in the lamp? Let us know below.

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