Microsoft announces the general availability of Microsoft To Do APIs


3, 2020

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft today announced the general availability of Microsoft To Do Graph APIs. With this announcement, developers can use these APIs in production apps. Right now, three entities are supported. todoTaskList entity that has a collection of todoTask entities and linkedResource which enables task completion.

    • CRUD operation on todoTaskList entity /me/todo/lists
    • CRUD operation on todoTask entity /me/todo/lists//tasks
    • CRUD operation on linkedResource entity /me/todo/lists//tasks//linkedResources

Developers can create applications such as the following:

  • Create tasks from your app’s workflow, for example, from email or notifications, and save them in To Do.
  • Sync your app’s existing tasks with To Do and create a single task view for better prioritization and manageability.
  • Manage To Do tasks in a custom business application.

Source: To Do API

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