Microsoft may have given up on killing Microsoft Paint for Windows 10

by Surur
February 12, 2019

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The classic Microsoft Paint is much loved for its speed and simplicity, making it very straightforward to complete basic tasks without being confused by a complex user interface, exactly the opposite of its supposed replacement, Paint 3D.

Microsoft has been showing a notice warning for nearly two years now that Paint will soon be replaced with Paint 3D, and would then be available via the Microsoft Store.

Today however Aggiornamenti Lumia noticed that in the latest Insider build Microsoft has removed the Product Alert notice.

We do not yet know what the full implication of this is, but given that Microsoft is a telemetry-focussed company and increasingly pragmatic, I would not be surprised if they noticed the only reason most people open Paint 3D is due to clicking the icon accidentally.

Do our readers think Microsoft Paint has been given a much-deserved stay of execution? Let us know below.

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