Microsoft is making Xbox Live multiplayer services free this weekend



Microsoft is allowing its gamers to experience Xbox Live online multiplayer services on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 for free from July 21st to the 23rd. This is the third event of its kind this year, following the most recent in May, and the first one in mid-February.

As it’s called Microsoft’s Multiplayer All-Access, the event will allow you to access Live multiplayer services for free, for games that you currently own, enabling you to taste the multiplayer action on a wide variety of different games from first person shooters, to RPGs and your favorite sports.

This event actually coincides with the Destiny 2 Open Beta, so make sure you get your hands on that as well.

Hey! You! Multiplayer is open to everyone on Xbox One and Xbox 360 from July 21-23. You’ll be able to play with friends, and millions of potential friends, in any game you already own. Think it couldn’t get any better? Be part of the Destiny 2 Open Beta on Xbox One for free on the same weekend! What are you waiting for? Start playing Destiny 2 online now!

Check out the Destiny 2 Open Beta video below.

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