Job listing states Microsoft is making a Horizon Zero Dawn-like game

June 18, 2017
horizon zero dawn PlayStation Now

According to a job listing spotted on LinkedIn recently, it looks like Microsoft is working on a Horizon Zero Dawn-like game. If you’re logged into LinkedIn, head over to the profile of Sandor Roberts who’s asking for game developers to fill the position of Lead Environment Artist. This is great news for Xbox One owners who were hoping for a similar titles on their favorite console.

The job listing is clearly by a G3D recruiter as they specialize in finding game developers for various clients like Activision and Sony. Considering that the post was 2 months ago, it seems that work is well on its way. Hopefully we’ll find out more about the game at Gamescom or E3 2018. Recently, Phil Spencer hinted that Microsoft signed many deals for projects which are 2-3 years away. This Horizon Zero Dawn-like game might just be one of those. We don’t have the answer yet but we do know what the game will be like. That’s good enough for now.

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