Microsoft Lumia 640 and 535 crowned "most delightful" in Q2 2015 in USA


19, 2015


While Windows Phone has never had the most customers, it has always done pretty well when it has come to customer satisfaction.

Analytics company Argus Insights has posted a report on the US smartphone market in Q2 2015 and reports that customers who purchased a new Microsoft-branded smartphone are the most delighted customers, with a significant rise compared to Q1 2015.

Argus notes:

In the midst of shifting away from Nokia branding, Microsoft saw an increase in delight from the few consumers reviewing their Microsoft Lumia 640 and the Microsoft Lumia 535 handsets, crowning Microsoft as the most delightful of the quarter.

At the same time unfortunately mindshare is decreasing, suggesting Microsoft may be down to its superfans at present.


Argus Insights continuously monitors and analyses millions of consumer touchpoints with their patent pending technology to measure the degree to which products satisfy market demand. Through curated analysis of global consumer reviews and social media conversations, they provide comprehensive visibility at market, product, and attribute levels to determine what is delighting and disappointing the market. They are founded on the belief that delight leads to improved sales in the future, and we hope for Windows Phone’s sake this is indeed the case going forward.

The full report can be found here.

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Thanks Aaron for the tip.

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