Microsoft joins ID2020 Alliance to develop Global ID System that will help millions of refugees

Last year, Microsoft announced their partnership with Accenture in developing an identity prototype system which will enable legal identification to millions of refugees. This system was based on blockchain technology allowing multiple parties to share access to the same data with an extremely high level of confidence and security. Using this system, when a refugee arrives at a border crossing, he or she could prove that they come from a refugee camp and qualify for aid by identifying themselves using this ID system. Since it connects with existing ID systems of commercial and public entities, users can get access to their personal information wherever they are.

Today, Microsoft announced their expanded commitment to this issue by joining ID2020 alliance as a founding member. In addition to a donation of $1 million, Microsoft will also commit resources and expertise from its Identity team to further develop a secure digital identity and help implement it across governments and agencies. Microsoft will also help establish standards that ensure this identity system is impactful and scalable. Microsoft is planning to start piloting this solution in the coming year.

Learn more about ID2020 alliance here.